VIridus is a
European battery manufacturer

specializing in battery solutions for the mobility sector

Viridus Manufacturing

Viridus is a European battery manufacturer. Based in Denmark Viridus manufactures and assembles high-quality and high-performing battery packs for the e-bike industry. Focusing on smart technologies and green initiatives to supply our customers with state-of-the-art solutions as well as wanting to reach zero-emission production and supplying sustainable green energy alternatives Viridus is constantly pushing the boundaries in regards to development and manufacturing. Viridus is a joint venture between Greenway (CN) and Promovec (DK). We deliver Lithium-ion battery technology with integrated intelligent BMS-systems. Our components adhere to the strictest safety, efficiency and performance regulations and all our products are tested to meet all relevant standards.

Viridus Manufacturing

We are committed to the responsible sourcing of raw materials for all components going into our production. We demand our suppliers to be compliant with the global standards and expect responsible sourcing as well as transparency throughout our entire supply chain. Our production process is flexible and allows for small series production with high efficiency. We rigorously invest in locations, equipment and staff training to remain competitive and continue to produce high- quality batteries. In addition to manufacturing e-bike batteries Viridus also offer possibilities of creating tailormade complex and technically demanding battery solutions for the right industrial partners.

Our partners

  • Promovec
  • Greenway
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