Viridus - European Battery Manufacturer

With our highly flexible production set up we also – besides the possibility of manufacturing e-bike batteries – offer to create tailormade, complex and technically demanding battery solutions for the right industrial partner meeting all customer requirements.Our components adhere to the strictest safety, efficiency and performance regulations and our products are tested to meet relevant standards and all fitted with integrated intelligent BMSsystems. Also, we are committed to the responsible sourcing of raw materials for all components going into our production.

At Viridus we are constantly looking for ways to improve - continously setting high goals. Our plans for the immidate future clearly shows our ambition to innovate and contribute to the solution of the challenges facing the world.

Viridus will significantly reduce the all environmental impact and we look forward to giving our customers better battery experiences with less environmental impact.

Jesper Lundqvist | CEO, Viridus