At Viridus our battery technology is based on Lithium-ion batteries as they are the natural power source of modern e-bikes. We build our batteries using automated processes, modern machinery and highly-skilled labor. All this ensures our products are state of the art and adhere to even the strictest standards.

Cylindrical battery cell is one of the most mature and stable products of Viridus. It is applied in digital products and new energy vehicles. Our cylinder battery cells product realize a combination of security, consistency, long life and low cost, and is now staying in the forefront of the industry.

Having Greenway – a major global player in battery systems – as a partner in Viridus we also have a ISO-9001, ISO14001 ,OHSAS 18001 certified facility e-bike solutions. provides various advanced lithium battery cells. Now, we have 3 professional assembly factories and 1 cylindrical battery factory, covered with almost 500,000sq.ft, and around 1600 employees.We are continously expanding and insist on offering the most up-to-date and competitive solutions as well as comprehensive service offers.